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As You Prepare To Reign, Protect Your Reputation–From Yourself

There’s a nearly peerless story about Francis of Assisi (wow, I wish I could find the reference for this–let me know if you do) where he happens, unrecognized upon a group of villagers who are disparaging Francis. He joins in … Continue reading

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Plan: The Holy Spirit Does Not Mistake Our Lack Of Preparation For Sanctification

Perhaps the Holy Spirit was the one that inspired the t-shirt that reads Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. What brings that thought to mind for me is the growing number of … Continue reading

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Do We Need to Be Healed of Our Low Self-Esteem?

The following is a written preview of our new Q&A style podcast where Pastor Foley takes questions related to the Whole Life Offering discipleship training model. Subscribe now! Q: I have to talk to you about the songs again. There’s a … Continue reading

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