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Exciting New Developments On Our North Korean Radio Broadcasts

A few weeks ago during my most recent trip to Seoul, I came into the VOM Korea office on everyone’s day off expecting to quietly work on a few things.  No sooner had I sat down at the desk, when … Continue reading

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We Are Always In Greater Danger Of Becoming Lukewarm Than Of Being Martyred

One of the most common questions I receive from Christians in prosperous countries is, “How can we prepare for increasing persecution?” I actually hear this question more and more each year, perhaps due to reports which assert that persecution of … Continue reading

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Recent North Korean Defector Christian – “I Don’t Know What A Prayer Request Is!”

Every Saturday, a small group of new North Korean Christians meet together in our Underground Technology (UT) classes.  All of them attend an evangelical church–it’s a requirement for admission to UT–but most of the churches in Korea struggle to know how … Continue reading

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