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Video – God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life Is A Nice Saying, But It’s Not The Gospel!

Believe in God Go to Church God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life These are all nice sayings, but according to the Scriptures they are not the Gospel!  By examining Paul’s gospel presentation in Acts 17:16-32, Pastor Foley and … Continue reading

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Voice of the Martyrs Korea Announces the Publication of the First Ever North Korean/English Parallel Study Bible

Voice of the Martyrs Korea announces the publication of the first ever North Korean/English Parallel Study Bible, produced in partnership with Wycliffe MissionAssist (UK), SDOK (Netherlands), and Voice of the Martyrs US. This Parallel Study Bible consists of Genesis and … Continue reading

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Why God Is Gracious To Spare Us From Revival

Persecution leads to revival–that’s the common dictum. Government cracks down on church; church deepens its commitment and spiritual maturity; church grows, leaving government gnashing its teeth. But what if the reverse is true? What if revival actually leads to persecution, … Continue reading

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