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Video – Don’t Give Illness Too Much Respect Because God Is Always Willing To Heal

Pastor Foley says that one of the things he learned from John 9:1-7 is not to give illness and disease too much respect!  He says that when we visit the sick we are called to bring God’s confidence and eagerness to … Continue reading

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You DO Include A How-To Guide To Prison Ministry In Your Baptismal Instructions…Don’t You?

Karl Barth reminds us of the importance of visiting and caring for the prisoner, but John Chrysostom, the early church’s greatest preacher, emphasizes the centrality of the ministry in the life of each Christian. Chrysostom includes a prison ministry how-to … Continue reading

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Do North Koreans Worship Kim Il Sung As God?

The question of whether North Koreans regard Kim Il-Sung as God is–as with many subjects in North Korean studies–hardly as straightforward as it appears. For starters, North Korea is keenly aware that the rest of the world would regard such … Continue reading

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