Growing to fullness in Christ is meant to be done in the context of a community of believers!  That’s why DOTW Publishing has produced a number of materials to help you understand the body of Christ better and ultimately to grow to fullness in Christ!

Planting the Underground Church is a practical guide to church planting in an age of persecution.

For churches in Korea and the free world, there have been many advantages to growing as large, as centralized, and as professionalized as possible. This model has powered the growth of the church for decades. Large, centralized, and professionalized churches were well suited to prosper in the prior age, but they are poorly suited to survive the present one. The purpose of this book is to help pastors, church leaders, and ordinary Christians plant underground churches and transition existing churches underground. The book consists of twelve principles that have enabled underground Christians for centuries to advance the faith in the midst of serious opposition. Action steps for church planters and existing church leaders follow each principle.


Preparing for the Underground Church: Hostility toward the church in the free world was predicted more than 40 years ago by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs. He wrote Preparing for the Underground Church to help the church prepare for the difficulties that are beginning to come upon it here in Korea. Rev. Foley’s introductory essay shows how Rev. Wurmbrand’s insights are especially applicable to Korean Christians today.


These are the Generations is the story of Mr. Bae, a North Korean underground Christian.  This story chronicles how one North Korean family received and passed on the gospel from generation to generation, through labor camps, prisons, interrogations, and the greatest challenge of all—everyday life in North Korea.


The Whole Life Offering is a discipleship method developed by Rev. Eric Foley, in an effort to equip Christians to grow in the ministry that are normally left to professionals like pastors or nonprofit leaders.  The Whole Life Offering is a twelve month program that can be repeated year after year as one grows to fullness in Christ.  Congregational Training Materials can also be purchased which consists of a monthly DVD and a PDF.  For more information on these materials you can e-mail Pastor Tim at [email protected]


Coach Your Champions explores the Scriptural view of major donor development – one completely counter to the secular fundraising approach ministries have been taught they must practice.



8 Responses to Resources

  1. I want to subscribe to Eric’s blog

    • tdillmuth says:

      Hi Jeff – thanks for your comment. Here is an easy way you can follow the blog. On the upper right hand corner of every page you can enter your e-mail address where it says “Follow Blog via E-mail” and click the “follow” button after entering your e-mail.

  2. edforlife says:

    How can I get a hard copy of Church is For Amateurs?

  3. Dave Strathmann says:

    I just read Coach for Champions. What an eye and heart opener. I’m 64, and I’ve been an active supporter and support raiser for several ministries, but God used your book to open my eyes to biblical discipleship and what it should look like in ministry. I hope to assist in opening an MIF branch in Jacksonville FL.

  4. Bennett says:

    Are there print or digital copies of “The Church is for Amatuers” still around? My wife and I borrowed the book from a friend years ago and it was super special and changed our ministry. Would love to find it and refresh.

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