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Two Unlikely North Korean Missionaries Now Serving At VOM Korea

On December 12, 2015 we celebrated the graduation of seven North Koreans from our UU program. Five of our students finished one-year of studies (they will return for another year of training), but two of our students finished the full … Continue reading

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Richard Wurmbrand: Thank God For Bad Offerings And Don’t Become One Yourself

If you’ve ever been discouraged because you received a poor offering from a church where you spoke, Pastor Wurmbrand offers a reason for giving thanks (from his own personal correspondence): A poor pastor came once to a thrifty church in … Continue reading

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Worshipping From Memory at Dachau Concentration Camp

 As I wandered through the Dachau Concentration Camp, devastated by the images and memories of what happened seventy years ago, I was reminded of the Orthodox Resurrection Sunday service that took place just days after Dachau was liberated. Fr. Dionysios, … Continue reading

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