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Video – Who Does North Korea Fear?

Pastor Foley shares that North Korea fears Christians and their message of faith rather than economic sanctions or political propaganda.  Only Christianity can expose the North Korean Juche for the fraud that it is!  By the design of Kim Il Sung, … Continue reading

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How Do We Disciple North Koreans Who Visit The Outside World?

There are many ways North Koreans manage to cross the border of North Korea to the outside world. Some swim across the Tumen River with guns blazing, dogs barking and search lights glaring in their wake. Most, however, leave the same … Continue reading

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“Dear Beloved And Honorable Countrymen”: How North Korean Defectors Speak Life Into Other North Korean Defectors When No One Else Can

One of our central purposes at Seoul USA is to attempt to give you unmediated access to the words and thoughts of North Korean Christians when they are simply being, rather than being interviewed–say, for Western Christian publications. Testimonials in Western publications are … Continue reading

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