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Works Do Not Earn God’s Love, But They Are A Powerful Means By Which We Experience It

Talking about the importance of works in the Christian life typically makes Evangelical Christians break out in a theological rash. As quickly in the conversation as possible they interject with sobriety and gravitas that we are saved by grace, not … Continue reading

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Video – Are the Works of Mercy Protestant or Catholic?

At the core of the DOTW Discipleship Groups are the Works of Mercy and the Works of Piety.  Pastor Foley shares how the Works of Piety and the Works of Mercy come from the Scriptures and how they have been … Continue reading

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Easter Service in a Graveyard

Post by Pastor Tim – Easter Sunday fell right in between our study of two different Works of Mercy, so we did something that you might consider strange.  I’ll cut right to the chase . . . we had our … Continue reading

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