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More than even our prayers or our money, persecuted Christians need this

“How can we help persecuted Christians?” It is the question I have been privileged to be asked nearly every day for nearly two decades. Most people assume that the answer must be some combination of prayer and financial giving, and … Continue reading

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Is Christ Unreasonable?

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page! Matthew 5:38-48 Last time we learned about seven steps that we should take when reading the gospel: 1) Pray 2) Ask “What Does this Reveal About … Continue reading

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A North Korean Defector Realizes Years Later Her Father Was An Underground Christian. His Breakfast Spoon Was The Giveaway.

Frequently North Korean defectors in South Korea will look back on peculiar behaviors of parents and grandparents in North Korea and realize with great astonishment that their family members were actually underground Christians. JBM, one of our Underground Technology students, … Continue reading

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