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Video – In John 3:21, What Does it Mean to Come Into The Light?

Pastor Foley admits that no one really likes having their deeds exposed by coming into the light.  But in order to live in the light, we have to overcome the lifestyle of inwardly struggling with sin but outwardly being holy.  … Continue reading

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What Does Forgiveness Have to do With Bad Acting?

Post by Pastor Tim – On a daily basis, we encounter situations in which we need forgiveness or in which we need to offer forgiveness.  Take for example, a situation that we discussed in church this past Sunday.  A mother … Continue reading

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How To Sign Up For 100 Days Of Worship In The Common Places With The North Korean Underground Church

During the roughly two decade long period in which Kim Il Sung was consolidating his power in the new Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (popularly called “North Korea”), North Korean Christian leaders had full knowledge that the state was marching … Continue reading

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