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Video – What is Philanthropy, Really?

Pastor Foley says that the modern understanding of philanthropy as giving away big money is completely wrong. One of the earliest occurrences of the term “philanthropy” in history comes from the Scripture, in Paul’s letter to Titus. Philanthropy literally means … Continue reading

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Expect the Volunteer Boom to Show Up at Your Organization Right After the Massive Generational Wealth Transfer

The red nonprofit herring of our time was the Great Wealth Transfer, in which trillions of dollars would seep out of the wills and estates of people who were not terribly charitable during their lifetime but would apparently become so … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for the Government to Repeal the Charitable Tax Deduction; Instead, Repeal it Personally

Don’t panic. This is not the blogosphere equivalent of a chain email warning you that the US government is about to repeal the charitable tax deduction…unless you forward this on to sixteen congresspeople NOW! Truth is, all signs point toward … Continue reading

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