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The temptation to transact rather than coach

Great post this morning (well, it’s morning in Korea anyway) on the temptation to raise money transactionally when our organizations hit dry patches. The author is my dear brother Greg Stier, founder and president of Dare2Share Ministries. I told Greg … Continue reading

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Transformational Giving insights from the East

I did the Transformational Giving seminar yesterday in Korea as coordinated by the Hope Institute and the Beautiful Foundation. What an absolute kick—truly a religious experience in the best sense of the term. Sixty proto-fundraisers there from across the spectrum, … Continue reading

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The Land With No Donors

Getting ready in a few hours to do the first day-long Mission Increase Foundation Transformational Giving seminar…and the first one we’ve ever done in Korea. I so feel like Bon Jovi. (The stateside TG seminars are coming up in rapid … Continue reading

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