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Book Review of 51 Ways to Love Your Enemies

Although loving our enemies is clearly commanded in the Scriptures, it’s easy to walk away from these commands not knowing exactly what to do.  Praying for our enemies and not slandering them is certainly a good start, but there must … Continue reading

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Plan: The Holy Spirit Does Not Mistake Our Lack Of Preparation For Sanctification

Perhaps the Holy Spirit was the one that inspired the t-shirt that reads Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. What brings that thought to mind for me is the growing number of … Continue reading

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There Are Countless Captivities But Always The Same Ransom

By placing the Work of Mercy of ransoming the captive within the fullness of the Scriptural context we’ve come to see in our posts this month how: ransoming the captive is actually a ministry of ransoming the captor (who is … Continue reading

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