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Is the church in recession or just on recess?

AP’s Rachel Zoll provides us with Religious life won’t be the same after downturn, the latest mass media update on how we Christian orgs are all faring amidst this recession: Faith Communities Today’s David Roozen is projecting 320,000 to 350,000 … Continue reading

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Replacing nonprofits with vending machines

Give and Take points the way to Paul Lamb’s editorial last week in the Christian Science Monitor entitled Are there too many charities? Lamb notes that there is now one nonprofit for every 300 Americans. His question: Is there a … Continue reading

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Stannard-Stockton: Foundation giving to plummet in 2010

Sean Stannard-Stockton’s post entitled  The 2010 Crisis in Philanthropy details what  has to be the most underreported 800-pound fundraising gorilla patiently awaiting your attention in 2010. In the words of SSS: Private foundations are required to give away 5% of their … Continue reading

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