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Best Watch Night Service

December 31, 2012 marks a personal anniversary: the twenty-fifth anniversary of the preaching of my first sermon, a few minutes before midnight in a home in the Indiana countryside. [Editor’s note: the home of Rev. Bill Rogers.] That it was in a … Continue reading

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Video – Do your gifts reveal Christ to others, or are they only gifts?

Pastor Tim Dillmuth takes a look at how the gifts of God are actually a surety of Christ’s second coming.  The question we must then ask ourselves is, How does our giving reflect God’s? In other words, do we give … Continue reading

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An Unexpected, but Much Needed, Time of Reflection

Post by Pastor Tim Dillmuth –  During the Month of Presentation, our family has committed to a serious time of planned contemplation.  But perhaps our best time of reflection was, in fact, not planned at all . . . it … Continue reading

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