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The Biblical Way to Get Church Freeloaders to Give

A blog site for ARDA–the Association of Religion Data Archives–sounds about as exciting as a visit to http://www.watchingpaintpeel.com. (Oddly, by the way, that URL is still available.) But trust me: RSS the feed. ARDA’s David Briggs posts every two weeks, … Continue reading

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Don’t Settle for Getting People to Give; Instead, Help People Become Habitually More Giving

Best book I’ve read so far this year–Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics, a gem from 2004 by Church of England priest and Christian ethicist Samuel Wells. (As usual, the best books on giving, discipleship, and fundraising are never the … Continue reading

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Fundraising Banquet Location Tip: Always Hold Your Banquet on the Mezzanine Level

Well, here’s the weirdest but potentially most helpful fundraising banquet tip you’ll receive this year, courtesy of Call & Response blog: According to a study profiled in Scientific American, people are more likely to give generously to a cause after … Continue reading

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