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Thankfulness Is Not As Counter-cultural As You Think

Post by Pastor Tim – It always seemed a bit counter-cultural and spiritual for my family to go around the table and say what we were thankful for on Thanksgiving.  Upon further reflection, though, this type of spirituality is actually … Continue reading

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The Three Wrong Responses Christians Make To Persecution And The One Right Response

How should churches respond when governments oppose and outlaw them and their message? Many Pentecostal Christians in Eastern Europe responded to religiously repressive Marxist governments in three erroneous ways, while others found and embraced one productive and biblical path. That … Continue reading

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Who Do You Become When You Get Success And Power? What Jesus And Some North Koreans Can Teach Us

This past weekend, I met with about 30 North Korean defectors who had been in South Korea for less than a year.  They were all different ages and had varying levels of education and experience in the workplace.  But almost … Continue reading

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