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In North Korea You Are Free To Believe In Any Religion, So Long As It’s Juche: An Excerpt From North Korea’s Own Human Rights Report

Henry Ford is famous for having said that you could order his new Model T automobile in any color you wanted, as long as that color was black. North Korea takes much the same approach in matters of religion, as … Continue reading

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Make A List – How Is Your Suffering Similar To The Apostle Paul’s?

One of our Underground University (UU) students recently had a simple, yet profound insight that many Christians, more seasoned than her have not yet fully understood. Let me set the stage of our class last Saturday. We had been studying … Continue reading

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North Korea Graciously Confirms The Effectiveness Of Our Bible Balloon Launches

This year, in cooperation with our sister ministries Voice of the Martyrs/US and SDOK/Holland, we launched around 40,000 New Testaments into North Korea. We used GPS technology to confirm the landing point of each launch. Still, it was nice to receive … Continue reading

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