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Indebted to God

Suffering is not always followed by healing. Christians are perhaps more aware of this fact than anyone else. Missionaries give up everything to evangelize in Africa, only to find that their message is rejected. Christians in the Middle East lose their families … Continue reading

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Trapped In the Maze

Being an atheist in middle school, high school, and (most of) college meant that I was a mission field for my Christian colleagues. “I value your bravery,” Christians students would tell me. “It must be very terrifying to live in … Continue reading

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A Key Difference Between Communism and Democracy: Democracy Has Been Far More Successful in Destroying Christianity

Polish philosopher and politician Ryszard Legutko’s latest (2016) book, The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies, is written from a perspective of someone who, after having lived for many years under communism and then for more than two … Continue reading

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