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You Won’t Believe What My Bible College Professor Said – Share This On Facebook!

Post by Pastor Tim – Twenty years ago I was sitting in my Bible college dorm room with a cassette recorder, chuckling along with five of my classmates.  We were laughing because someone had recorded one of our professors and … Continue reading

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Thankfulness Is Not As Counter-cultural As You Think

Post by Pastor Tim – It always seemed a bit counter-cultural and spiritual for my family to go around the table and say what we were thankful for on Thanksgiving.  Upon further reflection, though, this type of spirituality is actually … Continue reading

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Video – Why Do We Love Our Enemies?

Pastor Foley points out that there is only one reason we love our enemies.  We love them because we are a reflection of God’s love, and God loves His enemies.  We don’t love them because we feel like it, we … Continue reading

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