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What the Church once knew about health and safety but is always in danger of forgetting

The church has now entered into dangers far greater and longer lasting than those presented by any virus. We have ceded to the state the right to define for the church the meanings of health and safety, and we have … Continue reading

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It Is The Church’s Own 1,000 Year-Old Marriage Equality Ruling That Is Its Greatest Problem, Not The One From This Month

What can be said about this month’s marriage equality ruling that has not yet been said? With reference to the Bible and church history, a lot, it turns out. Very little of it relates to critiquing the Supreme Court ruling. … Continue reading

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Video – Don’t Invite People to Church . . .

Pastor Foley points out that it’s not Scriptural to invite people to church!  For example, Jesus never invited anyone to join him in a synagogue service.  Instead, we observe Jesus eating meals with his disciples and with sinners alike.  The … Continue reading

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