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  1. Lynn McFarland says:

    The book, Coach Your Champions, is the best book I have read in a long time. I refer to it almost daily as I map out the PEO chart for my organization. I also just like to flip to certain chapters as different parts of the transformation are taking place! Thanks, it really is an uphill battle in this secular world of fundraising, but I’m starting to raise some eyebrows now with MIF’s practices 🙂

    • EFoley says:

      Great to hear from you, Lynn–I praise God to hear how he’s using the Coach Your Champions book in your organization. Stay in touch and let us know the great things that God is doing with and through you and your ministry!

  2. sunita says:

    praise God for people like you all, i am always praying for all who are suffering for the Lord, he will never leave you nor forsake you, he is with you at all time.sunita

  3. David Bounds says:

    God has consumed me. I’m learning how to be thankful for everything from pain to the air I breathe. As I learn to rely on God and to view him as my provider for everything. I have begun to pray, in a universal way. As my prayers become more focused on God’s purpose, his values, his children, his church, his will, I find that even still I can be shaken from standing firm in Christ.
    Now, I know where this frustration comes from. It amazes me how easily I can be led to focus on my own strength, my own righteousness which is nothing without faith, and to superimpose my human perspective to how I see God’s perspective of all things. I think the most damaging thing for us as Christians and as the church, is when once we enter into salvation, we accept God’s righteousness that comes to us by Faith and forget the very platform God used to touch and change our hearts for ever.
    I find myself forgiving, loving and praying earnestly for people that hate me, that have cut me to pieces and left me to die. It’s the most unnatural thing I’ve ever experienced. This has to be the work of Christ in my heart. I am being healed, made stronger, at times there is joy, and I know there is a great day ahead of me.
    This morning as I searched for deeper understanding in God’s word, your website and teaching have confirmed that my prayers are not in vain. Knowing and understanding ‘from where” my bread comes from and “from where” that bread has to come from for others I pray for, gives me confidence in the work I’ve been called to. I’m a watchman, I’ve been placed in these circumstances, these are my “good works, planned in advance” and I’m to continue until her righteousness shines like the sun. My heart is consumed by this.

    Thanks for your help.
    David Bounds

    • EFoley says:

      I praise God for the journey he has you on–and us, too! Do stay in touch and share your insights. It will be a pleasure to hear from you again.

  4. Vurnion Martin says:

    How are you doing Eric Foley. I am sitting here with Charlie Hart in my home. My name is Vurnion Martin, and you gave us a new meaning to life at the Open Door Mission, Houston. TX. We have learned so much from you and we thank the LORD for the words that you spoke into our life. You already know who he is? I was a team leader with him and Alfred folly. We love you with all our heart’s. May GOD BLESS you in everything that you do. How is the family. Hope they are doing fine. Send us a respones. Love you alway’s TEACHER……………TEACHER….It is one thing that we need from you. At Charlie’s grauation at the mission you said something that I will never forget. We are like the morning and the evening tide….We go out, but we come crashing back in.. PLEASE………….send that to US…………Miss your so much…….Love you forever…..

    • EFoley says:

      Good to hear from you, Vurnion–glad to hear that you are crashing back in on the shore! Please give my best to Charlie and the whole group.

      • Vurnion Martin says:

        Hello Eric Foley. It’s Charles and Vurnion once again. He is a Bishop now and he just moved me into the minister position. GOD is GOOD and has been GOOD to us All. We talk about you all the time and will never forget you TEACHER……….GOOD BLESS YOU IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO.

      • EFoley says:

        Keep on keepin’ on with Jesus, Vurnion.

  5. Vurnion Martin says:

    We knew that you were not going to tell us where to find the information……We are just so BLESSED to have been taught by you……..Thanks Pastor Foley.

  6. Eric I am reading your book ‘Coach Your Champions’ and praising God for it being given to me. The story you’ve written is near to my heart as it is almost verbatim what we do with men involved in unexpected pregnancy. See for yourself at I have for the past year rejected the ways of the world in fundraising and to a degree, it’s held us back financially. However, I rejoice for this revelation through your writing and I view each day with more hope in Christ we’re on the right track. Thank you for being a jar of clay transporting the living water to us…

    • EFoley says:

      Good to hear from you, Kurt–I enjoyed reviewing your Guys For Life website. Fun to hear about how your are becoming Pies For Life! Yum! I praise God that the blog and book are able to support your commitment to a thoroughly Christian approach to development. Do stay in touch, and may all your pies be pecan!

  7. Greeting Rev Foley!! Its amazing that the Lord has continued using your book ” Coach Your Champions” to steer in me the passion and need to renew commitment to follow the KIngdom Principles for fundraising. Its so practical and must read for every leaders whether in Kenya or Kansas. Without this copy we have failed in raising the bar for the stewardship challenge. From Kenya i was given this book by my Friend Rex Barberhttp ( from the Engineers Ministry International( living in Colorado Springs). Am yet to finish but i feel that as if i have owned this book for the better part of my life. Please follow me at

    Saruni from Kenya

    • EFoley says:

      Good to hear from you, Patrick–I praise God for your report, and I thank you for sharing your blog. Enjoy the remainder of the book, and may the Lord use it to its full effect in your life.

  8. Dean Jackson says:


    I hope you appreciate this. I asked for a scrap vanilla file folder at work (WLKI Radio, Angola, Indiana) and I’m handed one that says “Eric P. Foley 01/19/1991.” I figured that had to be you!

    Love your. Let’s connect soon.

  9. tim says:

    why do you wear the title “reverend”? wouldn’t matthew 23:9 apply to calling someone “reverend”?

    • EFoley says:

      Hello Tim,

      Most people seem to call me Pastor Foley more than Rev. Foley. Others call me Mr. Foley. I avoid calling myself by my first name out of respect for Korean culture, since I am married to a Korean woman and serve in ministry in Korea with a considerable amount of my time. In Korean culture it would be rude and self-aggrandizing to use my first name, calling attention to my individuality and exalting it above my family name and my function in service to God. This is quite a bit different than is the case in the West, so ultimately I have to make a prayerful decision before God and with my accountability partners of what honors God and puts the least stumbling block in front of people coming to know Christ and reflect him fully. As regards Matthew 23:9ff, I read Jesus’ concern here as related to offering and receiving honor which is due only to God. My own experience is that Pastor and Reverend are no longer titles of honor in our culture but rather titles of derision. I cannot recall receiving personal benefit from being called Pastor or Reverend, but I can recall being mocked, being tracked by the government, being denied entry to countries because of it, and being pigeonholed by others (both believers and nonbelievers) before I open my mouth. So if I perceive that someone is calling me Pastor or Reverend to give me honor, I undertake to correct them. But in the corner of the world where I do most of my work, i.e., North Korea, the name Reverend is more likely to get me killed than honored. Thanks for understanding, and I continue to pray that I have not placed undue stumbling blocks in your path or the paths of others in this attempt to honor Christ and his word.

  10. Ellen Strohm says:

    Very interested in the .W principles.

  11. Cindy Liverman says:

    I would learn to learn more. We are at a Faith Comes by Hearing and just heard Eric Foley tonight. There are no words…..

  12. Hi Rev. Eric,
    Just finished up your book, Coach your Champions. Thank you for the wonderful insights to fundraising. It was a very informative read. I couldn’t agree more with the concepts of the book. Much more effective to coach champions for your cause and support their spiritual growth. However, I had a hard time translating these strategies to our organization and ministries and hope you can help shed some light. One of the main purpose of our organization (Asian Mission for Christ) is to support missionaries/teachers in southeast Asia. I fund raise/collect resources and send them over to mission field. One of the ways we effectively grow, other than the traditional prospecting and sharing our story/vision, is to have donors/friends/extended family from the USA visit our mission site. I try to take a group with me back to Thailand every year to see the work we are doing and try to get them involved. A few have joined our leadership team and are now heavily involved with our ministry. People helping with social media, writing letters, sending updates, etc. Champions in the making! Outside of this huge undertaking to go visit Thailand with me, how are some ways I can coach our current/future donors to be champions for our ministry that is entirely overseas? Unlike Josh’s LLF ministry, there’s not as many opportunities for people to tangibly experience the work and help volunteer. We run entirely by donors from the States. Our administrative team, including me, are strictly volunteers. All the proceeds we collect go to the ministries that we fund. I’m sure I can find people, like Lois from your book, to help with admin work, but how do organizations like ourselves grow financial support in tandem with coaching champions?
    Look forward to hearing from you or anyone else who would like to contribute,

    God Bless,

  13. Thank you for your quick response! These are really helpful.

  14. Brice Smith says:

    I am an American living with the mother’s side of my family in South Korea, with whom I was reunited after 24 years apart. I am a radical follower of Christ Jesus, guided by His Word and Spirit. Currently, I live in Daegu. Can you please put me in touch with God’s people who are serving the North Koreans? My mission is for them, and I must get involved.

  15. Tim & Swapna says:

    The second corona conditions in India are much more severe and frightening than the first corona, and the people are terrified.

    Lockdown for two weeks.

    Pray for the members of Christ in the community we serve. If they go to work, their stomachs will be full, otherwise they will be fasting. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, there is no work to do

    Nothing is impossible for God, God is Almighty, Almighty, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. A good shepherd for the sheep.

    It is our hope that all of you together will take our needs into consideration.

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