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Don’t Wait for the Government to Repeal the Charitable Tax Deduction; Instead, Repeal it Personally

Don’t panic. This is not the blogosphere equivalent of a chain email warning you that the US government is about to repeal the charitable tax deduction…unless you forward this on to sixteen congresspeople NOW! Truth is, all signs point toward … Continue reading

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Perfect Participation Project for Donors to Missionaries: The Granny Cloud!

It’s funny. We developed the idea of the Signature Participation Project for individuals doing ministries overseas–a way of helping them to get their donors to give more than money ‘n’ prayers by beginning to be involved hands-on in overseas ministry … Continue reading

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The Truly Transparent Nonprofit is Born

Hildy Gottleib’s work is always all kinds of interesting. We may hail from different neighborhoods of the fundraising universe in terms of our metaphysics and attendant terminology. But we often end up in surprisingly close proximity in terms of the … Continue reading

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