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What’s More Important Than Protecting Your Childrens’ Right To Read The Bible During School Recess?

Recently young Giovanni Rubeo was refused access to his Bible during his school’s free reading time.  I was interested to learn more about his response to his teacher in light of the theology of persecution and suffering we teach to North Korean … Continue reading

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The True “Dear Leader” of North Korea…AKA The Gandhi Of Korea

In a few weeks I’ll be starting my last year of doctoral study at Case Western Reserve University. I’m due to graduate in May 2015, Lord permitting, but I’m even more excited to begin the education that comes after that. … Continue reading

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Video – We Are Saved Into The Kingdom Of God And Not Just A Personal Experience

Pastor Tim Dillmuth shares that salvation is not simply an invitation to a personal relationship with God, but rather an invitation to be a partaker in the Kingdom of God.  And this experience isn’t a private one, but it is … Continue reading

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