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Video – Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Train to Reign

It’s easy to envision reigning if you’re in charge of a company or a church. But in the Scriptures, acts of reigning are not only done by people in power, but by people who are being trained–sometimes for decades!–to reign.  … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Imitators Gone?

Post from Pastor Tim Dillmuth – I’ve come to realize that there is an alarming lack of Christian imitation within the church today.  By Christian imitation, I’m referring to Paul’s call to the Corinthians, “imitate me as I imitate Christ … Continue reading

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Destined to Reign…Through Suffering and Service

Since we’re focused on the Work of Mercy of reigning this month, I have my Google-o-meter set to send me all mentions of the word “reign” that come up in blog posts and the news. I’ve observed the following three … Continue reading

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