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Does Anyone Listen to Shortwave Radio Anymore?

Question – Does anyone listen to shortwave radio anymore? In not, why do you use it for your gospel broadcasts into North Korea? Answer – Up until I started working with Voice of the Martyrs Korea, I often wondered who … Continue reading

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One Leader Who Is Respected By Both North Korea And South Korea – Ahn Changho

Ahn Changho is one of the only Korean people that is respected by both North Korea and South Korea. His leadership philosophy was first to search for the truth, and then to live out the truth. Although it sounds very … Continue reading

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Rev. Wurmbrand On Hypocrisy In The Church: “Really Sincere Christians Are A Rarity” But…

Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs movement, was profound even when completing such a simple task as acceding to a reader’s demand to be removed from the VOM mailing list due to the reader’s concern that Christians are hypocrites. His … Continue reading

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