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For Persecuted NK Christians, Release From Prison Marks The Beginning, Not The End, Of The Pain (These Are The Generations Bonus Material, Part II)

Second in a series of weekly posts by Mr. Bae, the co-author with Pastor Foley of These are the Generations, the story of third generation North Korean Christians. For Part I, click here. In today’s post, Mr. Bae details how release from prison … Continue reading

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Video – What Did Jesus Never Do In The Gospels That We Insist On Doing Today?

Pastor Tim says that everyone is familiar with giving food away, but Pastor Foley points out that sharing your bread is different than commodity redistribution.  He says that Jesus is never seen in the Bible giving away food but instead … Continue reading

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Have You Taken A Church Field Trip Recently?

I firmly believe that the key to any discipleship program is doing the word.  One way that we’ve encouraged those in our DOTW Discipleship Groups to do the word is by designating the fifth Sunday of any month as “Field Trip … Continue reading

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