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The Only Person In The Bible Who Proposes Using Humanitarian Aid For Evangelistic Purposes Is…Satan. Jesus’ Alternative?

It appears more and more tacitly assumed in missionary circles these days that the gospel message in and of itself is a rather difficult thing to introduce unadorned in non-Christian cultures and that humanitarian aid—e.g., clinics, clean water wells, schools, … Continue reading

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Kim Kyo-Shin: Freedom On The Outside Is Meaningless Without Freedom On The Inside

Kim Kyo-shin, an early Korean Christian said, “The Bible and the Korean nation are like two souls in one body.” He meant that it wasn’t possible to experience freedom as a Korean, unless freedom in Christ was experienced first.  Kim … Continue reading

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Video – Discipleship is the same in North Korea and South Korea

Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley talk about how discipleship is not all that different in North and South Korea.  In both countries, many people follow things like money, power and happiness.  Contrary to the world’s way of discipleship, Jesus said … Continue reading

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