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Christians Are Always Behind Enemy Lines

“I want to tell you something that perhaps no one has told you before,” Pastor Foley paused in the middle of his sermon. He searched the faces of each one of the people before him—the North Korean, the Chinese, the … Continue reading

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How Cho Man-Sik Lived And Died Like Jesus

On October 18, 1950, Pyongyang prison was bustling with activity. Prisoners whispered to one another as they watched soldiers dash back and forth. “The Communist have been ordered to pull out of Pyongyang!” They said. Some were excited to hear … Continue reading

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What Would You Do With Complete Power? Jesus Did Something No One Expected

What would you do if you realized that all the power in heaven and on earth was in your hands? Maybe you would punish your enemies? Or maybe you would do something miraculous or spectacular? Or maybe you would do … Continue reading

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