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How Cho Man-Sik Lived And Died Like Jesus

On October 18, 1950, Pyongyang prison was bustling with activity. Prisoners whispered to one another as they watched soldiers dash back and forth. “The Communist have been ordered to pull out of Pyongyang!” They said. Some were excited to hear … Continue reading

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Rev. Wurmbrand to Concentration Camp Survivor Simon Wiesenthal: How To Love Your Enemies Even When They Are Nazis

Most of us struggle with unforgiveness over what in the grand scheme of things are fairly minor offenses, truth be told. And yet minor as the offenses may be, the act of forgiving remains monumentally divine in each case. If we … Continue reading

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What Makes the Christian Martyr Different From a Suicide Bomber, a Patriot, or a Prisoner of Conscience?

Every day, someone is dying for a cause. Soldiers die in the name of freedom. Revolutionaries fight tooth and claw for the glorious revolution. Suicide bombers sacrifice their own bodies for salvation. What does the Christian Martyr die for? Well, … Continue reading

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