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Rev. Wurmbrand to Concentration Camp Survivor Simon Wiesenthal: How To Love Your Enemies Even When They Are Nazis

Most of us struggle with unforgiveness over what in the grand scheme of things are fairly minor offenses, truth be told. And yet minor as the offenses may be, the act of forgiving remains monumentally divine in each case. If we … Continue reading

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Are Martyrs And Persecuted Christians More Perfect Than Us?

When I’ve read stories of persecuted Christians, at times I’ve felt a little hopeless–hopeless in the sense that I know I can never attain the level of moral and spiritual maturity that these brothers and sisters seem to have reached. … Continue reading

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What If The Only Thing God Offered You Was Suffering?

As our family was studying God’s magnificent heavenly banquet, I posed this question to my children,  “What if God’s banquet that he offers us right now is suffering?  Will you accept?” I wanted my children to be well-aware that before … Continue reading

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