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What Does It Really Mean To Have Christ Transform Your Life?

Pastor Foley says that when we start to live out the way of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, our life completely changes. But the changes occur in very specific ways.  Internally, Christ changes the way we think, … Continue reading

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North Koreans, South Koreans and Americans Are All By Nature Captive to the Kingdom of Darkness

Just because you live in America or South Korea doesn’t mean you are free! The Bible teaches that all humanity is by nature captive to the kingdom of darkness . . . North Koreans, Egyptians, Sudanese, Americans and South Koreans … Continue reading

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A Force More Oppressive Than Even The North Korean Regime Has Held Humanity Captive

Estimates are that 10% of naturalized North Koreans (i.e., North Korean defectors with South Korean citizenship) are kidnapped back into North Korea from China.  These NKs are often held by officials until someone pays a ransom. Although this situation is … Continue reading

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