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What Does “Saved By Grace Through Faith” Mean To Underground Christians? A Final Excerpt From Living in the Underground Church

We have now reached the end of our proposed methodology for taking up the Bible in a way that takes us underground. What may we conclude on the basis of this proposed liturgy for life in the underground church? Specifically, … Continue reading

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Suicide Or Mission: The Choice Facing More North Koreans Than You Might Guess

Post by Pastor Tim – When LSY defected to South Korea she was investigated by the National Intelligence Service Center, like all of the other North Korean defectors. Even though she was already a Christian, she was physically and emotionally … Continue reading

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Video – How Do North Korean Christians Do The Lord’s Supper?

All denominations have rules regarding the Lord’s Supper.  Pastor Foley challenges us to think about how those rules would hold up in a place like North Korea. In North Korea, the Lord’s Supper manages to pass the boundaries that human … Continue reading

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