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What Does “Saved By Grace Through Faith” Mean To Underground Christians? A Final Excerpt From Living in the Underground Church

We have now reached the end of our proposed methodology for taking up the Bible in a way that takes us underground. What may we conclude on the basis of this proposed liturgy for life in the underground church? Specifically, … Continue reading

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How Do the Ten Commandments Inform Our Confession and Healing?

The following is a written preview of our new Q&A style podcast where Pastor Foley takes questions related to the Whole Life Offering discipleship training model. Subscribe now! Q: You blogged recently about healing and comforting and its relation to confession.  … Continue reading

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Hot Mess Discipleship

Part II of our series on Preparation There are three phrases that describe how discipleship might look in any given church today: Specialist. Generalist. Hot mess. Let’s start with hot mess.  The highly esteemed urban dictionary defines hot mess as … Continue reading

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