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Who was the Better Servant-Leader – Jesus or Kim Jong Il?

The North Korean media always showed Kim Jong Il traveling all over North Korea, visiting the many factories and taking care of the people. He was always pictured in very humble looking worker style clothing. So, when we say that … Continue reading

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From Sex-Trafficker To Christian Martyr – One North Korean Woman’s Story of Redemption

Someone who loses their life for Christ in an instant is not the only kind of martyr.  There are countless men and women who lose their lives for Christ in little pieces over a lifetime. These men and women witness … Continue reading

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Jesus Says He Has “All Power,” Not “The Most Power”—And That Makes Prayer The Most Sensible Strategy, Even For Ransoming Captives

Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley explain that prayer is the key to ransoming someone from captivity. Prayer helps us to trust in God’s power rather than man’s power. We saw this first-hand during our August stand-off with the police over … Continue reading

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