Jesus Says He Has “All Power,” Not “The Most Power”—And That Makes Prayer The Most Sensible Strategy, Even For Ransoming Captives

Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley explain that prayer is the key to ransoming someone from captivity. Prayer helps us to trust in God’s power rather than man’s power.

We saw this first-hand during our August stand-off with the police over our gospel balloon launches. Instead of trying to resolve the situation through physical force or mental scheming, we relied on God’s power to resolve the situation, and four days later the Lord made a way for us to launch when it seemed like it wouldn’t be possible.

The Bible says that God has “all power” – not some of the power or most of the power . . . but “all power.” Therefore, if someone we love is in captivity, we must completely trust in God’s power, irrespective of the powers and authority that hold this person captive.

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