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An NK laborer reminds us of the true value of the Bible

In the midst of our efforts to persuade South Korean authorities that the Chosun (North Korean) Bible we launch by balloon and distribute by hand is not “anti-North Korean propaganda”, we received the following thank-you note from a North Korean … Continue reading

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From Sex-Trafficker To Christian Martyr – One North Korean Woman’s Story of Redemption

Someone who loses their life for Christ in an instant is not the only kind of martyr.  There are countless men and women who lose their lives for Christ in little pieces over a lifetime. These men and women witness … Continue reading

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Who’s A Better Female Role Model Than Beyonce? How About A 70 Year Old North Korean Woman . . .

As a society, we love the idea of a smart, strong, caring and independent woman . . . and well we should! Unfortunately, the female role models that our society often admires sometimes fall short of the above ideals. Jane … Continue reading

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