Who was the Better Servant-Leader – Jesus or Kim Jong Il?

The North Korean media always showed Kim Jong Il traveling all over North Korea, visiting the many factories and taking care of the people. He was always pictured in very humble looking worker style clothing.

So, when we say that Jesus was a “servant-leader,” it’s possible for North Koreans to confuse what Jesus did with what Kim Jong Il was pictured doing.

The people who knew Kim Jong Il the best, knew that what the media showed was nothing more than a mirage. The truth is that Kim Jong Il had numerous palaces, special trains and a private chef that prepared him exquisite meals.

The people who knew Jesus the best, knew that he was truly a servant. It was this servant-hood that led him to suffer and die for the redemption of mankind.

The fact that Jesus was a servant wasn’t a sign of weakness, it was actually the most powerful way for Jesus to reign over the universe.

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