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Martyrs, Revelation, and the Stockdale Paradox: A Jesus Primer on Good Hope and Bad Hope

There is good Christian hope and bad Christian hope, alternatively known as real hope and false hope. The world–rightly–accuses Christians of trafficking in much false hope, and this is an unfortunate result of our not reading our own book which … Continue reading

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What If The Only Thing God Offered You Was Suffering?

As our family was studying God’s magnificent heavenly banquet, I posed this question to my children,  “What if God’s banquet that he offers us right now is suffering?  Will you accept?” I wanted my children to be well-aware that before … Continue reading

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Too Many “Little Children” And Not Enough “Fathers” Among Recent Christian Martyrs?

Sophia Jones offers moving tribute to the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS, sharing about their everyday lives before martyrdom. The 21 are described as laborers, gone for months on end, who sent home hard-earned money to feed entire families. They … Continue reading

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