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How To Love Your Enemies: Let Your Body Lead And Your Brain Follow

Christians sometimes say about their enemy, “I don’t hate him anymore.” But this is not what Jesus calls us to. Jesus doesn’t say, “Don’t hate your enemy.” He says, “Love your enemy.” Dr. Berhane Asmelash, Director of Release Eritrea and … Continue reading

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Works Do Not Earn God’s Love, But They Are A Powerful Means By Which We Experience It

Talking about the importance of works in the Christian life typically makes Evangelical Christians break out in a theological rash. As quickly in the conversation as possible they interject with sobriety and gravitas that we are saved by grace, not … Continue reading

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What Troubles God Is Not What We Do But Our Astonishing Lack Of Interest In What He Does

Our contemporary spiritual myopia is most clearly revealed in our obsessive and endless debates about whether God is more focused on our actions or our beliefs. Answer: Neither. Instead, God focuses on whether we are focused on ourselves or on … Continue reading

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