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Fasting During Lent May be Rebellion Against God (or, A Brief Course in Writing a Nonprofit Press Release)

Happy mid-Lent! With The Whole Life Offering book scheduled to come out in a few weeks, Lord permitting, here’s a look at one of the press releases we put out in an effort to sprinkle something of the flavor of … Continue reading

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The Award for the Best Transformation Giving Year-End Appeal Goes to…

…Greg Stier at Dare2Share Ministries! Check out Greg’s year-end tremendous appeal, Please DON’T Give to Our “Emergency Need.” The whole post is great, so make sure to click through. I especially like this part: Now, if anyone had an emergency … Continue reading

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Secular Marketers are Coveting the Church Format You Hate So Much

I think you know I enjoy reading Dan Pallotta‘s columns in the Harvard Business Review, though he and I could hardly approach the topic of fundraising from more different backgrounds and orientations and in an effort to achieve more diametrically … Continue reading

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