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Is Your PR Promoting Yourself? Big Mistake

Joanne Fritz at about.com quietly continues to consistently churn out the best blog content in nonprofitdom week after week. Do make sure to read her daily–especially her review of The Dragonfly Effect, where she highlights a piece from the book … Continue reading

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Church Marketing: Market the Message AND the Community Formed by It

Here’s a church-angled follow-up to our post last week, Marketing is what happens when relationship fails. The blog site Q considers whether Christianity is amenable to being marketed as a “product”, ultimately deciding in the negative: Let’s think for a … Continue reading

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“Marketing Is What Happens When Relationship Fails”

The future of philanthropy belongs to a certain structure of nonprofit, and the shape and goal of that nonprofit structure will forever change the way fundraising is conceived and executed. It is the most basic of structures: An individual embraces … Continue reading

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