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How to Start a Lay Church, Principle XI: Tithe… But Not to the Lay Church!

When I share the .W lay church model with folks, I find that consistently one of the biggest attractions is that we expect members to tithe, right from the get-go. That’s not your typical church recruitment draw, but our tithe is … Continue reading

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Tithing is the New Thing in SECULAR Giving

One of my least favorite arguments among Christians involves the question of whether Christians should tithe or not. Both sides of the debate get all hot and bothered, and nothing ever changes… …in the church, anyway. Outside the church, however, … Continue reading

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Updated statistics: Christians Giving Less to Churches, More to Nonprofits

Call & Response, The Lead, and MLive all do a nice job summarizing the new stats from the Ronsvalles at empty tomb that Christians are giving less to churches and more to nonprofits. Religious News Service summarizes (via The Lead): A … Continue reading

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