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How to Coach Your Champions Corporately, Step I: Gather a Group Interested in Personal Growth in the Cause

We’ve spent the past week of posts talking about the why of corporate coaching of champions. Now we’re going to walk step-by-step through how this process should look from your perspective as a nonprofit “platform.” Today, let’s take the first step: … Continue reading

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What is Your Nonprofit Against? Here’s My Own One Word Answer…

I liked Scott Goodson’s What Is Your Brand Against? post today in HBR so much that it leapfrogged the whole stack of other things I liked about which I had planned on writing. A quick excerpt should suffice to infect … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal to Missionaries on How to Combine Snail and Email

Subtitle: Or, If Your Older Donors Don’t Use Computers, Why are They the Ones Who Keep Sending You the Cute Kitten Emails? Really enjoying the dialogue with everybody on the recent post we did entitled “Dear Missionary, Please Stop Sending Prayer … Continue reading

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