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North Korea: Going low-tech to evade state surveillance

As the North Korean government implements its new anti-reactionary thought law, which promises even harsher punishments for anyone found accessing foreign content, a return to low-tech methods of information distribution is essential to protecting those who are distributing and receiving … Continue reading

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Why the Confession App May Be A Good Idea But One Bible Per Person May Be A Bad Idea

Seeing as I had previously given a thumbs-halfway-up to one of several confession apps now available on the iPhone, I was happy to see Christianity Today offer similarly hedged enthusiasm in their editorial entitled iPhone Apps and the Old Adam: … Continue reading

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Perfect Participation Project for Donors to Missionaries: The Granny Cloud!

It’s funny. We developed the idea of the Signature Participation Project for individuals doing ministries overseas–a way of helping them to get their donors to give more than money ‘n’ prayers by beginning to be involved hands-on in overseas ministry … Continue reading

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