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Imitation is How Humans Learn to Give. So Why are Churches and Nonprofits Doing Away With It?

Tip of the cap to Peter Leithart for his post on mimetic humanity, or how humans are wired to learn just about everything through imitation far more than through explanation or training or emotional stimulation. The issue is absolutely crucial … Continue reading

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Advice from the North Korean Underground Church: Stop Making it Easy for People to Become Involved in Your Church or Nonprofit

Last week we had a handyman, Jeff, at our house giving us an estimate on some home repairs. We quickly learned he was a Christian seeking a deeper experience of church. I spent more than two hours with Jeff talking … Continue reading

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Don’t Settle for Getting People to Give; Instead, Help People Become Habitually More Giving

Best book I’ve read so far this year–Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics, a gem from 2004 by Church of England priest and Christian ethicist Samuel Wells. (As usual, the best books on giving, discipleship, and fundraising are never the … Continue reading

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