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Kim Kyo Shin, Part II: Indigenous Christianity or Heretical Christianity? The Only Two Options

Dr. Hyun Sook Foley, Voice of the Martyrs Korea President, authors this special 8-part series on Kim Kyo Shin, one of the greatest martyrs in Korean Christian history whose voice needs to be heard today more than ever, by Korea and the world. … Continue reading

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Confucius Had It Wrong On How To Become A Better Person. What Kim Kyo Shin Learned Through Following Christ.

The month of December (month of Presentation) is an important time to reflect upon your own growth in Christ during the past year. “Growth in Christ” was an important topic to Kim Kyo Shin, an early Korean Christian from the … Continue reading

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Christianity Is Growing In China And What The Government Is Doing About It

The rise of Christianity in China has been so significant that experts are now suggesting Christianity may be the singular most popular “organization” in China – surpassing current Communist party membership numbers by almost 10 million. Analysts expect that Christianity … Continue reading

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