Confucius Had It Wrong On How To Become A Better Person. What Kim Kyo Shin Learned Through Following Christ.

The month of December (month of Presentation) is an important time to reflect upon your own growth in Christ during the past year.

“Growth in Christ” was an important topic to Kim Kyo Shin, an early Korean Christian from the most northern part of Korea. Originally a follower of Confucius, Kim was especially interested in how to become a better person according to a Confucian understanding.  Although, after he became a Christian, he learned two very important things about becoming a better person.  First, he learned that all human beings are predisposed to evil because of the first sin of Adam and Eve.  People are not generally good as was taught by Confucius.  Second, he learned that only God could transform our hearts.  In other words, it isn’t possible to become a better person apart from Christ!

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