One Leader Who Is Respected By Both North Korea And South Korea – Ahn Changho

Ahn Changho is one of the only Korean people that is respected by both North Korea and South Korea. His leadership philosophy was first to search for the truth, and then to live out the truth. Although it sounds very simple, it can be very challenging to live.

He believed that the truth was not always obvious. In other words, what everyone thinks is the truth is not always the truth. In North Korea, it is obvious that Kim Il Sung is the eternal president and is the highest embodiment of human living. But this is why Ahn Changho believed a sincere search for the truth is always extremely important.

Although this problem is very apparent in North Korea, it is also a problem in South Korea, America and the rest of the world. For example, many people in the Western world, search for success instead of the truth.

Ahn Changho reminds us that a leader isn’t someone who has money or power, a leader is someone who is seeking the truth and who is living it out.

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