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What Is The Bible? Here’s How We Explain It In Our New North Korean/English Parallel Version

North Koreans have no concepts of a spiritual world, of sin and forgiveness, of prayer, or of a transcendent, eternal deity. (Even when Kim Il Sung is worshiped, he is not mistaken for a transcendent, eternal deity but rather is … Continue reading

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Rev. Richard Wurmbrand Taught Us That Doing The Word Is Both Necessary And Dangerous

After being released from prison after serving eight-and-a-half years of a twenty year sentence, Rev. Richard Wurmbrand was ready for some rest and relaxation.  He said, Now that I was free, I longed in the depths of my heart for … Continue reading

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Send a Personal Message Of Christ’s Love To Over 2 Million North Koreans

Would you like to send a personal message of God’s love to over 2 million North Koreans?  My wife and I recently had the opportunity to do that at the recording studio in our South Korean office. VOM Korea provides … Continue reading

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